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“Izboushka” means a traditional Russian house, which we can find in many fairy-tales. We have created our school in order to share with you and your children our passion for the Russian language and culture.

All our workshops are prepared in a creative and interactive way, taking into account the children’s interests and multicultural environment, in which they are growing.

We propose workshops for bilingual kids on Saturdays:

9:30-12:45 Russian language, mathematics, music and art (children 3-15 years old),

13:30-15:30 Russian Art school (7 – 15 years old).

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Registration for 2018-2019

From September 2018 our school will be situated at:

Kingsworth International School

38 Rue Copernic, Paris 75016.

We offer Russian language workshops, Art school in Russian and in French, music lessons. For the detailed information, please, contact us by phone: 0678162216 or by email: contact@izboushka-school.com.