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Masha Voronovskaya

The founder of the school

I decided to create Izboushka in order to share my passion for the Russian language and culture in a creative way. I was always interested in foreign languages and traditions of different countries. In Russia I graduated from the Russian State University for Humanities (Moscow), where one of my favorite subjects was psychology. 

After our family moved to France, I started to be interested in bilingualism. While observing my three sons and other bilingual children and adults, I realized that this topic is not limited to the field of linguistics. That’s why I decided to study “The bilingualism of a child: theory, practice and clinical approach” at the University Paris Descartes. I have also accomplished the program at the Institute of Pushkin “The methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language”. My two diploma works are devoted to teaching bilingual children. In my free time I enjoy drawing and painting, and I believe that art and creativity is an essential part of human life.

In our Izboushka the workshops will be led by experienced Russian teachers, using creative methods of teaching.