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Philologist, artist

Since my childhood, I’ve always adored painting and learning languages. I decided to attend a fine arts school following the example of my best friend. Unfortunately, I applied too late that year after the school had already stopped admitting students. I was determined not to give up however, and I brought my paintings to the head of the school. It ended up being worth the effort. I was admitted and quickly caught up with my fellow students, graduating with honours four years later. I had become a graduate of a school that obtained the 6th place in the 2017 Russian nation-wide ranking of educational institutions.

I studied Philology at the University, as I have always been fascinated with languages and with teaching them. I graduated with honours from the Faculty of Philology, Journalism and International Communications at the Stavropol State University, and later accomplished my Master of Education in the field of Methods and Theory of Teaching Foreign Languages and Culture.

For the past several years I have been engaged in my favourite activities – teaching Russian and English, as well as continuing to paint. The destiny brought me to France in 2015, when I took part in the international artists’ competition in Fourges and won the first prize in the Young Artists category. Then in 2017, I took home two prizes in the contest “Plein Air in the Cradle of Impressionism” in Normandy. This accomplishment changed my life: I moved to France, where I am happy to continue teaching kids and working as an artist.